Easypublishnow is a digital solution provider since 2012. Over the years, we have extended our services in the field of digital conversion and recreation to our various clients. We have achieved stupendous growth in delivering stunning, elegant and custom-based digital publications to our clients.

We are specialized in three various modules of digitization.

  1. Converting – We convert PDF documents into Digital publications, auto as well as manual convertion.
  2. Creating – Customer can create their own custom defined digital magazine from the scratch using our tool.
  3. Branding – Customer can showcase their magazine through our online library to gain maximum readers.

Having a digital version of your publication is the need of the hour. The old fashioned PDF documents and papers are now out of equation in the ever growing internet world.  It is high time for any publisher or creator to publish their articles in the digital version in order to achieve outstanding results.

Digital publication is reader friendly with the inclusion of audio and video contents, numerous designs, layouts and themes to customize the appearance. They are almost like a website, so it is easy to share with the help of URL instead of uploading the entire file in case of PDF.

Just upload your PDF to get your digital version or start creating your new digital magazine through Easypublishnow.

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