Seamless viewing on any device

Easypublishnow delivers stunning HTML5 documents that are tailor-made for every browser. They look flawless on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, right in your client’s browser. There is no need to install any special software. Your clients can open the documents anytime and anywhere.


Great viewing experience with documents

HTML5 is an online format that is specially designed for presenting documents on the web. It gives them high viewing quality—they look professional, beautiful and open smoothly. HTML5 is also a renowned interactive format that lets you add realistic page-flipping effect and highlighted links.

You don’t need any coding skills to create your interactive documents

Easypublishnow does everything for you. You just upload your PDF to Easypublishnow and receive a gorgeous online document.


No worries with accessing content

Your customers can access HTML5 content at once because it is available via a link in a browser. Your document can be downloaded and opened quickly—even if it is a 300 pages catalog. Each page has its own URL, so you can share any page with your clients and they can open it directly without waiting for the whole file to load.

Easy navigation around documents

Navigating in a PDF has always been uncomfortable—your readers have to scroll down to find the info they need. HTML5 makes your documents very comfortable to read.


Branded documents

Add your branding to the documents to make them more engaging and eye-catching. People will always recognize you, no matter where they come across your documents.


Upload your own image to replace the FlippingBook logo on a publication’s interface, or remove it entirely.

Background image

Use your styled image as a background for the publication to make it recognizable to your clients.


Add or remove the favicon that will be displayed in the browser tab when your publication is opened.

Keeping content up-to-date

When you share a PDF, you can’t edit it anymore. Keeping your HTML5 content up-to-date is easy. You send your clients a link to your document and you can update it anytime you want. The link will stay the same and your clients will instantly receive the most recent materials.