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Easypublishnow is one of the fastest growing digital solution providers in the global market. A well reputed organisation, dealing with data conversion and creation of digital web-contents. We offer high quality services in converting user’s PDF documents into the most elegant looking HTML5 digital publication at an affordable price. Apart from converting PDF into Digital version, our users can also create their new digital publications on their own by simply feeding their contents into our tool….

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Convert your PDF

We convert your PDF documents into fabulous digital publications with our own Easypublishnow auto conversion tool. Just upload your PDF file(s) in our website and we will do the rest…

Create new web-magazine

Create your own digital publication from the scratch, all by yourself. Easypublishnow is not only providing service in converting your PDF documents but we are also helping you to…

Share your web-magazine

Having your digital publication ready is a job half done and it can never get completed till it reaches the maximum number of readers. The actual purpose of creating a…

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Digital magazine

Digital magazine

Digital magazine

Digital magazine

Digitize your pdf into html5 web-content

Use documents for any activity you have in mind: send email campaigns, boost SEO, generate leads, and get document analytics.

Your PDF transforms into an HTML5 with videos, interactive navigation and custom design. It’s more of a website than a file.

Host your document online, get its link and share it anywhere: send by email, embed to website, post to social media.


Special offer

For more than 4 monthly publications, contact us at sale@digifront.biz to available special offer prices.

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Seamless viewing on any device
Easypublishnow delivers stunning HTML5 publications that are tailor-made for every browser. Being responsive, they look flawless on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, compatible with all the existing browsers. No need to install any special software to view the digital magazine. Readers can access your digital publications at anytime and from anywhere.
You don’t need any special coding skills to create your own interactive digital publication; Easypublishnow does everything for you. Just upload your PDF to Easypublishnow and receive your fabulous digital document.

Apart from converting your existing PDF document, you can also create a digital publication of your own from the scratch using our tool. Creating your new digital publication is as simple as creating a page or a post using WordPress, you just need some basic computer operating skills to execute this process without any hassle. Our plugin will assist you in integrating the created WordPress posts into a full fledged digital magazine.

Our tool gives you a complete control in building all your thoughts into a digital publication. You can define each and every aspect of the articles with your unique style and taste. As we said, you still no need any special coding skills to work with our tool.

Add your branding to the documents to make them more engaging and eye-catching. People will always recognize you, no matter where they come across your documents.
Upload your own logo to create an identity for your publication. You can add logo on each and every page of the publication and also highlight a unique name for each of your publication.
Background image:
Use your styled image as a background for the publication to make it recognizable to your clients. Not just as a sign of identity, this feature can also be used to impress the readers with your creativity. This gives a lot of space for you to experiment your creative thinking in making your publication as colorful and meaningful as possible.
Add or remove the favicon that will be displayed in the browser tab when your publication is opened.
Google Ad-sense and DFP:
From business point of view, you can generate additional income with the inclusion of Google Ad-sense and DFP (DoubleClick For Publishers). This feature can be employed in many constructive ways like marketing and branding.
A digital document created using HTML5 empowered by our very own digital converter/creator tool, gives you a professional look and viewing quality. This format is tailor made for presenting your documents, publishing your articles in digital world, sharing your creation in social media in order to reach maximum viewership.

HTML5 adds more features in making the digital content as a reader friendly format with the inclusion of interactivity, smooth navigation, high quality pictures, audio and video, animated info-graphs, downloadable attachments, and hyperlinks wherever needed.

In one word, digital publication using HTML5 has everything in it, to impress the readers and make them fall in love with it.

Navigating in a PDF has always been uncomfortable—your readers have to scroll down to find the info they need. HTML5 makes your documents very comfortable to read. You can move around the article with ease and the user interface is flawlessly crafted to provide stunning experience to all the readers.
Once you share a PDF, you can’t edit it anymore. Whereas, with HTML5 you can update the contents instantly at any point of time. Keeping the contents up-to-date is one of the most wanted features while dealing with any publication and HTML5 provides just what you want. Even after you have shared the link of your document in any media, making the changes in the content is just a click away. It means, you can have the control of the content at any point of time, as the update is instantaneous. The link will stay the same yet your clients will receive the most recently updated version of the digital document.

Take your own documents to the next level

Easypublishnow does everything for you. You just upload your PDF to Easypublishnow and receive gorgeous digital document.